Saturday, March 12, 2011


Recently when a dear member of my family passed away I wrote and read this at his funeral service.

Puzzle Pieces

Everyone carries with them at least one piece to another person’s puzzle.

I do not believe we come into each other’s lives by chance.

We may not know how our piece of the puzzle fits into someone elses life or how the one they hold fits into the finished picture of ours, but it takes all the pieces to make the picture complete.

Each time a person comes into our life we exchange the pieces that we need to complete our pictures.

Some pieces have smooth and round edges, like the pleasant and easy times of our lives.  Other pieces have many complicated shapes and are hard to put together, just like the struggles in our lives.

There are pieces that seem small and do not have much detail… but they have just enough to make another piece seem clearer.

There are pieces that are large and easily recognizable pieces of the full picture. 

No matter the size, shape or color they are all important to finishing the puzzle, seeing the whole picture.

Remembering the people in our lives means that they have had an impact on our life, and in doing so they become a piece in our puzzle.

Don Butchee (my Uncle Butch) was one of the four corners in my puzzle.   He was part of my foundation, part of what held and guided the rest of the pieces into place.    I was very blessed to have had him in my life and he will be greatly missed.
Donald Edward Butchee
Peri with Aunt Moreen & Uncle Butch

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